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Welcome to Blackwolf Photography!

Wolf photography sessions are for photographers, both amateurs and professionals, interested in a truly unique opportunity of photographing wolves in the wild.  Where else can you walk alongside a wolf?

What if you are not a photographer?  No problem!  The adventure hikes / photography sessions are open to everyone, and even a point-and-shoot can give you great wolf pictures.

Our wolves run free during the hikes, working between two handlers, and there is nothing between you and the wolf.  One or two wolves hike with us on each session.  Our wolf pack has varied colours, from whitish-grey to cinnamon to black.

Golden, British Columbia, nestled between the Rocky Mountains and the Columbia Mountains, has beautiful scenery for photographing wolves, wildlife photography, and landscape photography.

Hang your own wolf pictures on your wall...

A Gallery of Wolf Pictures

taking pictures of wolves
Copyright Lee Tubb
grey wolf
Copyright Lee Tubb
landscape photography
Copyright Robert Berdan
black wolf
Copyright Herbert Lupper
wolf pictures
Copyright Northern Lights Wildlife
gray wolf
Copyright Northern Lights Wildlife
wildlife photography
Copyright Northern Lights Wildlife
pictures of wolves
Copyright Northern Lights Wildlife
hiking with wolves
Copyright Northern Lights Wildlife

Price (2014)
1.5 Hours

If you are a professional photographer, and are interested in a longer session, please call us to discuss the options.

Price for the 1.5-hour session is for two people (no discount for one person).  To clarify, if you are one person, the price is $335 (tax incl.) .   If there are two of you, the price is still $335.   Each extra person in your party, to a maximum of six, add $115 (tax incl.).
Note:  an exclusive session for one or two people costs $1,005.00 (tax incl.).

Price is in Canadian Dollars and includes taxes.  A reservation is required, and a 50% deposit is due at the time of booking to guarantee your reservation.  If you do not show up for your reservation, and you did not call to cancel, we will keep your deposit. Price is subject to change without notice.

IMPORTANT!  We are on wolf terms.  Blackwolf Photography reserves the right to cancel a session if the safety of humans or wolves is a concern.  Minimum age is 16 years and minors must be with a legal guardian.

2014 CONSTRUCTION DELAYS:  Remember, if you are making your way to us along Highway 1 westbound (from Calgary/Banff), There may be delays.

FYI:  We are in the same time zone as Alberta!

Media Room

Email Us or call toll-free 1.877.377.WOLF
(or 1-250-344-6798)

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All images copyright Northern Lights Wildlife unless otherwise noted.