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Aspen (1998-2013)

Aspen was a Wolfdog: 25% Husky and 75% Grey Wolf.  She was born in April of 1998.  The Blacks spent that whole first year observing Aspen's behavior, and working with her.  Aspen was one year old when Tuk and Maya arrived as pups, and she took it upon herself to be the boss and to teach them the ropes.  She was able to keep the rank of Beta until the spring of 2004, when she and Maya began fighting. She weighs about 65 lb (30 kg), which is average for a female wolf.

Our official opinion regarding Wolfdogs as pets: don't do it. "Hybrids" make unsuitable pets and we do not endorse their breeding, nor their sale as pets. By crossing a domestic pet with a wild animal (with strong predatory instincts and sense of hierarchy), the resulting mix of traits is unpredictable, and often tragic for the animal itself. We field dozens of phone calls each year from people who want to get rid of their Wolfdog, and the answer is always the same... no we can't take your pet. READ MORE



Aspen & Tuk

Aspen & Wiley

Deep snow!

Still looking good...

Grinning from ear to ear

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